Hearing Aids

Are you thinking hearing aids are big and noticeable? Take another look.

Our hearing aids are small, discreet and more attractive than ever. Some are virtually invisible when worn, while others boast elegant designs and fashionable colours you won’t want to hide.

All our hearing aid solutions are available with state of the art technology with multiple technological advances including features such as background noise reduction, wireless & bluetooth connectivity and are fully automated.

We have all experienced the new car feel, now experience the new hearing aid feel. You’ll love it.


Private Hearing Tests


Ear Wax Removal

Our advanced yet gentle microsuction ear wax removal service ensures wax is removed with minimum effort without the hassle of waiting for an appointment at your GP surgery. Using the latest in irrigation technology our highly experienced Hearing Aid Audiologists will carry out this procedure within the comfort of your home or you can book an appointment

Ear Impressions

Whether you require an impression for your earphone sleeves or for earmoulds we are the specialists to choose. At Hearing Care we are able to provide both open jaw and closed jaw impressions. We use the highest quality silicone impression material which is suitable for all skin types and produces a perfect impression every time. Our Hearing Aid Audiologist will be able to give you advice on the correct impressions required and answer any questions you may have during the process.

Hearing protection


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